Practice Areas

At GR Tax Services, we specialize in preparing taxes! Our passion is for our clients and we take the time to educate and encourage them to optimize their tax results year to year, even as their circumstances change.  Whether you are just starting out in life or whether you have established businesses and real estate, let us help you have the best tax season yet!

Basic Tax Preparation



If you've got a W2, you don't itemize,and you don't own a business or rentals, this is for you!


We'll prepare your taxes beginning at  the low rate of $135.00 and, if you expect a refund you can have the fee taken out of it.  No money down and we can either prepare your taxes while you wait or you can drop your documents off and we'll call you when your tax return is ready.

It couldn't be easier!

Itemized Tax Preparation


$160+(with completed organizer)

If you have W2 income and you own a home or you have other itemized deductions like unreimbursed work expenses, charitable contributions or medical expenses, then this is for you!

Please use fill out our Itemized Deduction orgainzer, Medical Expenses Organizer, In-Kind Donations Organizer or Unreimbursed Work Expenses Organizer before you come in, to allow for quick and accurate tax preparation! It helps to keep your fees down too.

Free 30 min consultation included!

Tax Prep with Schedules C, E or F



This type of return is for clients who have one or more of the following:

small business that is organized as a sole proprietor

rental properties

farming income

These tax returns are more complicated, but we can help you get organized with our custom tax organizers.  Small Business, Rental Properties, Farming

Partnership, S-Corp or C-Corp Tax Preparation



If you have a business that is organized as a Partnership, S-Corp, or C-Corp, the tax return for the business would fall under this category. If you're not sure how your business is organized, we can help with that too!  If you need to change the way your business is organized, we can complete the necessary paperwork at a rate of $50/form.

Please provide a copy of last year's tax return, if there was one.  If this is a new business, please use the following organizer.

Non-Profit Tax Preparation


We work with many non-profits throughout the state, and fully understand the intricacies of filling non-profit tax returns.  We follow all necessary procedures and will make sure your non-profit is in good standing.

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Planning Consultation



Consulting your tax accountant is very important when you're faced with financial decisions or when your circumstances have changed.  Whether you need to understand the implications of withdrawing money from an investment account, got married, started a business, or just need help determining how much you should withhold from your paycheck, a private consultation is when we can sit down and get your questions answered. 

It's best to schedule these outside of tax season, so that you have time to actually affect your tax outcome for the better.  

Give us a call or send us an email to set up your appointment today!